The Dreadnought “national endeavour” supports jobs across all UK regions and nations, it will have a sustained and lasting impact on UK employment. The Dreadnought programme supports over 13,500 jobs in the North West of England, and a further 16,300 spread across the rest of the UK. By 2027, the programme will support in excess of 20,000 jobs and in the final years of the programme (2033 to 2035), around 9,000 UK based jobs will be supported.

The industrial base is dependent on a large volume of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and nuclear skills. A continuous programme of work is required to preserve and practise these skills. The same principle applies to sustaining the MOD’s expertise in governance and oversight.

These new skills add to the…BAE Systems engineers across 40 disciplines are involved in delivering the next phase of the Dreadnought programme, including: - Naval architecture; - Marine engineering; - Structural, weights and stress; - Noise and vibration; - Metallurgy and welding; - Nuclear safety and radiation shielding; - Software and systems integration and to…
The vast majority of production staff involved in constructing the submarines under the next phase of the Dreadnought programme come from the following trades: - Steel work and welding; - Mechanical fitting; - 12 KEEP OUR FUTURE AFLOAT CAMPAIGN STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN 2022-2024 Electrical fitting; - Pipe fabrication and fitting; - Rigging and shipwrights. Continuous work is necessary to maintain trade certifications and nuclear qualifications.

A £25 million investment in the state-of-the-art Submarines Academy for Skills and Knowledge (SASK) is driving future talent programmes and provide life-long learning opportunities for our workforce. The facility boasts 10 workshops, 30 classrooms and a virtual reality suite A new £23m university campus is being built next to the SASK facility. It will specialise in delivering manufacturing degrees. Anticipated student population of 1400 learners per year at full capacity.

Throughout the Dreadnought programme BAE SYSTEMS will continue investing in its talent pipeline and creating exciting career opportunities for young people in the North West. It currently has well over 800 apprentices and more than 70 graduates, representing around one in ten of the Submarines workforce and an annual investment of approximately £30 million. Barrow coordinates this skills strategy with the Nuclear Energy Skills Alliance to ensure it complements other efforts across the private and public sector, including Civil Nuclear. Over the next five years 2022-2027 BAE SYSTEMS is planning to invest £40 million in new technology to optimise design and manufacturing processes and enhance the capability of the submarine.

BAE SYSTEMS are enhancing the integration of design, planning, procurement and production systems, including 3D visualisation of the submarine design, supported by a £200 million investment in IT and software. Over the next five years a further £250 million has been allocated to capital expenditure. This funding aims to:

  • Introduce a cloud-based design process;
  • Connect machine shops and manufacturing assets to improve data-based decision making;
  • Expand secure WiFi and the use of mobile devices;
  • Increase automation;
  • Increase network capacity including local broadbandinfrastructure in Barrow-in-Furness.
The forthcoming University of Cumbria, Barrow Campus
The forthcoming University of Cumbria, Barrow Campus

Dave Dougan MP: “Do we need to have an intelligence led step change to having a dual stream recruitment process for apprentices where we have those who are pursuing a career that might go somewhere and others who are looking for a vocational that may go somewhere but also might stay on the shopfloor for 35 years?” “BAE Systems manages that very well. It has so many ways into its shopfloor and so many types of different apprenticeships”

Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP, 5 July 2022, Hansard “The truth is we need both typesthose who want a long-term career who see themselves moving up through the company and those who want to stay on the shopfloor,” Vice Admiral Sir Chris Gardner, 5 July 2022, Hansard


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