Barrow Shipyard

Barrow’s ‘digital shipyard’ is currently the only site licensed in the United Kingdom for design, build, test and commissioning of nuclear-powered submarines. Barrow Shipyard and its Supply Chain is Delivering Three Classes of Nuclear Powered Submarine

• A “national endeavour” to deliver 4 Dreadnought class boats called Dreadnought, Valiant, Warspite, and King George VI. Each boat is 153.6m long, displacing 17,200tonnes.1 In 2027, the programme will support in excess of 20,000 jobs and in the final years of the programme (2033 to 2035), around 9,000 UK based jobs will be supported.1 Over 90% of Dreadnought related work will reside in the UK1

• £7.5 billion will be spent with approximately 1,500 UK suppliers in the first and second tier over the life of the Dreadnought programme. It spent over £600 million with UK suppliers in 2019. The majority of this spend was on manufacturing (58%), followed by construction (16%) and engineering (15%).

• The planned supply chain includes the following highlights across the country:

- Submarine structures, power systems and sensors from the North West;
- Gearboxes and steel from Yorkshire; - Nuclear steam raising plant and mechanical handling systems from the East Midlands; - Engines from the West Midlands; - Command and control systems from London; - Electrical systems, antenna systems and control panels from the South East; - Sonar and communications equipment from the South West; - Periscope from Scotland.

• A 2012 Mod Study suggested that Barrow could gain an estimated £4bn of GVA as part of a £12bn GVA contribution to UK GVA that the Dreadnought programme would deliver.

• Astute boats 6, HMS Agamemnon and 7, HMS Agincourt for delivery by the mid-2020s

• SSN-AUKUS: A £4bn order was made on 1 October 2023 for long lead items and prototyping of a SSN-Aukus boat 1. This order embraces work by BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and Babcock.

• The decision as to how many SSN-AUKUS submarines the UK will require will be made by the Government in due course and will be reflective of the strategic need in the years ahead.

• The majority of a submarine’s equipment and cost is sourced in the UK although there is some involvement from France and the United States of America.

Social impact of Barrow Shipyard

  • By the end of this year (2023), Barrow Shipyard’s workforce will grow to 12,500, including around new 900 apprentices and graduates. The business plans to recruit an additional 2,700 people next year, which will include a further 900 apprentices and graduates providing a significant employment boost for the region.
  • Submarine Academy for Skills has operated since 2018, it was a £25m investment.
  • The annual wage bill in 2020 was £480m.
  • Barrow shipyard is licenced to design, build, test, commission nuclear powered submarines
  • Barrow shipyard is the largest UK manufacturing site for BAE Systems (2022)
  • The 170 acre site includes 14 acres added at Park Road, Barrow in 2021.
  • To maintain its position as the custodian of the UK’s submarine design and build capability, BAE Systems’ Barrow site has seen approximately £1 billion of investment in facilities and infrastructure. A further £450 million is being invested in new technology to optimise design and manufacturing processes.
  • There was a £56m spend with 68 suppliers in the Barrow and Furness constituency
  • Shipyard employment will have risen from 2,900 in 2003 to 12,500 by December 2023.
  • A £7.2m investment at Walney Airport in 2019 has boosted connectivity by air from Barrow.

In 2023 and 2024 BAE Systems is:

  •  Continuing to invest in modernising the shipyard through significant infrastructure investment, including a new office campus.
  • Supporting secondary education at Furness Academy, Barrow.
  • Working with Furness Education and Skills Partnership and Cumbria Careers Hub to build Science technology engineering Maths (STEM) links between industry, commerce and schools.
  • Continuing to support delivery of the Barrow Town Deal and Levelling-Up Funded investments in Barrow and engage with Team Barrow Government team since HM government announced in July 2023 that “ we want Barrow to be a new powerhouse for the north – extending beyond its current boundaries with thousands of new homes and space for businesses to benefit from scientific and technical expertise already clustered there.”
  • Rolling out its social impact supply chain support in partnership with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

BAE Systems Group UK Economic Impact

  • 39.600 FTE jobs in the UK
  • 132,000 FTE jobs supported
  • Every £100 spend generates £350
  • £78,570 average contribution per employee to UK GDP
  • 11.1BN GVA contribution to UK GDP
  • £4.1BN spend with 6000 suppliers
  • £180M invested in education and skills
  • £3.7bn exports from UK
  • £1.45bn R and D carried out
  • 1070 apprentices recruited 2022
  • 710 graduates recruited 2022

1 Spotlight on Dreadnought prosperity report BAE Systems, March 2021
2 BAE SYSTEMS Economic Report Impact Oxford Economics, June 2023

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