Faslane Dockyard

The UK’s entire fleet of 11 submarines will be based at Faslane by 2020.

Faslane is the second biggest single-site employer in Scotland, after the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

Direct employment at the base is currently around 6,500 with many more thousands dependent on the base for jobs through the supply chain.

It is understood that around 11,000 are directly and indirectly reliant on the base.By 2020 the number of people directly employed at the base rises to 8,200.

At Faslane around £1.3bn is being invested to support operational boats.The programme detail is summarised below.

ProjectDue to finish
Faslane Nuclear Infrastructure Continuous Availability Project2027
Coulport Infrastructure Continuous Availability Project2030
Nuclear Support Hub2021
Clyde Programme Requirements2022
Submarine Escape Rescue Abandonment and Survival2019
Submarine Training Facility2021
Training Facility Extension2019
Security Continuous Availability Programme2021
Single Living Accommodation 12019
Single Living Accommodation 22018
Single Living Accommodation 3TBC
Glen Douglas Transport Point2018
Coulport Water RefurbishmentTBC
Submarine Support HubTBC

Engineer Volker Stevin in February 2018 held a supplier engagement event in Helensburgh to meet potential suppliers for the £500m development of the base as the Royal Navy’s submarine centre of specialisation.